Meet Our Instructors

Women Helping Women Reach Their Goals

Each one of our Independent Woman instructors is a successful woman in her own right. They have probably encountered many of the same obstacles, challenges, skepticism, and frustrations that you have faced. What you will learn comes from the actual experiences of our instructors as well as many other financially successful women. We don't teach mere theory. We teach reality. Every member of our training team believes that success needs to be shared and is vitally committed to helping you achieve your financial goals.

Limor Markman

Following 12 years as a marketer for the Financial Services industry, Limor Markman found herself asking if there is more to life than climbing the corporate ladder and working even more hours. With these thoughts in mind, and no knowledge of real estate, she embarked on a journey to educate herself on how to have money work for her rather that trading time for money. Putting her new-found knowledge to the test, Limor quickly evolved her earned income from a job into a combination of earned, passive and portfolio income from properties. Limor has become an accomplished real estate investors utilizing sophisticated strategies and has properties across multiple provinces in Canada.

Investing has enabled her to leave her corporate career to pursue her passion of empowering women everywhere to improve their finances and live an unapologetically fabulous life! Limor now inspires, motivates and educates people across Canada who are looking to change their lives. She is honored to be able to show women everywhere that regardless of current circumstances, it is possible to generate wealth, have secure financial independence and more choices in life than imaginable.