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Free 2-Hour Workshop

Financial Independence for You and Your Family. Most of us would like to have more time... more money... and more opportunities to be with friends and families. That's what The Independent Woman is all about.

Now, the Independent Woman invites you to an intimate and informative FREE workshop that can introduce you to creating new streams of income for you and your family by becoming the investor you were always meant to be!

During this engaging workshop, you will discover:

  • Why Women Are Natural Wealth Creators
  • How You Can Create Multiple Streams of Additional Income
  • Where to Find Opportunities in Any Economic Climate
  • How to Develop the Inner Confidence to Become an Investor
  • How You Can Build Financial Independence for Yourself and Still Have Time for Family and Friends

Regardless of your current situation - career woman, single mum, married with children, young, mature - this FREE Independent Woman Workshop is a chance to change your life for the better.

Your Path to Financial Empowerment

When you attend your Independent Woman Workshop, you'll receive this special FREE GIFT!

An interactive download packed with a wealth of valuable information, including:

  • An Exclusive Excerpt from Kim's Bestseller It's Rising Time: What It Really Takes for the Rewards of Financial Freedom
  • Kim's Personal Tips on Achieving Financial Freedom
  • Plus Much More!


"I have always thought it was possible. Now I know it is possible.If anything this has challenged me and my attitude to wealth."

Grizani N - London UK

"It is not an exaggeration to say this course has been life changing. I've never felt so energised and excited about my future. Thank you all so much!"

Lesley Y - London UK

"I have been in the mortgage and real estate industry for over 30 years; but never learned what I'm learning now."

Lucy B - Mississauga ON

"The courses are very well laid out to give you exactly what you need to get started the minute you leave the training... we have already recommended the courses to others.."

Melissa R - La Peche QC

*Testimonials from Legacy Education Alliance Clients who have purchased a three-day course for approximately $297-$495.

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